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Marcos & Noel Torrado

“Los Jibaritos” (“The Nobler Peasants”)


The term “jibaro” usually refers to the people of the interior mountainous regions of Puerto Rico. The Torrado brothers are “jibaros” by definition. With their family roots in the interior region of the Island, Marcos and Noel Torrado know the rich taste of the Puerto Rican cuisine.


Noel Torrado has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant and hotel industry. Noel has vast knowledge of not only Puerto Rican cuisine, but also Peruvian, Spaniard, Argentinean, Mexican and American cuisine. He have been General Manager from well renowned restaurants like “El Rincon Que no Conoces” (Puerto Rico), “Steak and Co.” (Puerto Rico) and “Habaneros” (Fort Worth, TX). Noel prides himself on customer service and wants to ensure that every customer that comes into Jibarito’s has an unforgettable experience. “We will bring our traditional cuisine, complemented with international delights that will satisfy your taste and will bring back memories and an amazing experience.”


Marcos Torrado has over 15 years of experience in Accounting and Human Resources for The Caribbean Hotel Association. Such experience will guarantee the wellbeing of the company as a whole, as well as the quality standards we offer to our customers. Oriented towards customer service, his experiences represent the vision of the Jibaritos’ family: offer our customers incomparable quality and outstanding service. “The knowledge and experiences in the restaurant business of my brother, in combination with my knowledge in administration, guarantees a solid restaurant for our customers, where they can build their future memories”.


Come and enjoy our family…. Let us be part of your Puerto Rican family in Texas!


Jibaritos’ Restaurant is proud to have the renown Puerto Rican Chef Marilyn Lopez as our Consultant Executive Chef. Chef Marilyn is the creator of successful restaurants in Puerto Rico such as Yerba Buena at Hotel Hacienda Margarita in Barranquitas, P.R. and Costa del Sol Bar and Grill in Guayama, P.R., better known as the House of the “Trifongo”. Chef Marilyn is the creator of the concept of “Cocinando para las Estrellas” where she has had the opportunity to please the taste of latin and international artists.


Chef Marilyn has participated in Basque Stage Cooking with the Stars competition in Europe and is an active Celebrity Show Case. In Puerto Rico is the official chef of “Ellas y tus noches” TV show at the Channel 13.